Have Family, Must Travel – Travel Europe with Children

If you’re trying to plan to take your family to Europe, you’ve come to the right place. 

Our passion is to help you experience Europe as a family. We have traveled Europe with multiple young children and have learned what information you need to succeed in making your investment of time and money worth every second and dollar/euro/pound/franc.

As a couple, we found great satisfaction in visiting Europe; once we started having children, we wanted to share those travel experiences with them! 

However, we found European travel with children to be very different. It was very difficult to find the information we needed to plan our family travel to Europe effectively. So we just did our best and want to share our experiences and lessons.

Our website is still in development – we’re working on both the design as well as additional content. Check back often, we’re putting up new stuff all the time!!!

For questions/comments, please contact us at Jay@havefamilymusttravel.com.