Bike Bells are the best for traveling Europe!!

Our kids love to bike. We have great memories of riding around small towns in Europe in bikes. We are picky and make sure that it’s a safe place, and then we go to town!

We’ll find a bike rental place – the internet makes that pretty easy. They usually have their own bike bells, but my girls all have their own bells that we bring anyway. Here they are on Amazon. It comes in 8 different colors, my kids have yellow and (I do get a small referral fee for this, but my recommendation stays the same, I have bought these and we use them):

LYCAON Bicycle Bell – 8 Colors

This one has the bell that makes the ding ding sound instead of the brrrrrrrring sound. My eldest liked that sound better, and she also wanted a pink one. So here it is:

Arltb Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Bell (4 Colors)

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