How to Remember

One of the best things about travel is that you can relive your experiences.

Child Journals – These are journals (link pending) that we used on our last trip and found that filling them out during downtime – waiting for a train / plane, riding on a train / plane, a couple lazy hours here or there – worked really well to help them internalize the travel: think about what they learned, write it down, and now we have the memory.

Sketchbooks – Our kids LOVED to draw the things that they were looking at. Their drawings of Rialto Bridge in Venice, the Tower of London, Casa Batllo in Barcelona, are now some of our most treasured possessions.

Technology – Technology makes it so easy to record/share your experiences and save them in a place that will never get lost. Even just the ability to take videos constantly has made a world of difference in recording travel in the last couple of decades. At the click of a button I’m, reliving a night singing with locals in the Cinque Terre, watching my kids dance around the singing Montjuic fountains in Barcelona, and eating haggis in Scotland. That’s awesome.

We really like an app called The Traveler: A Travel Journal (currently only on Google Play). It links up your phone to record your movements using GPS and Google Maps, automatically captures photos / videos and attaches them to the path; it’s pretty cool. We use an actual camera/video while traveling since for us, the increased quality is worth the hassle of carrying around an extra device, but even having this on in a phone in a backpack makes an easy way to keep track of where you walk, what you saw, etc.